Why Should I Buy From This Website?

Good question. There are lots of furniture websites out there so how do you know which ones to trust? Chairs Factory launched 15 years back, which makes us ancient in internet terms! We have lots of experience in sourcing great products for every room of your office and we work hard with our suppliers to keep our prices competitive.

We make it easy to buy beautiful pieces of furniture. Browse our site to find what you need, contact our team of furniture experts with any questions, then buy with confidence through our secure website. We also offer a Price Promise, to ensure you get the best price. A big, warm welcome to Chairs Factory! We know how difficult it can be to look for furniture so we've made it easy for you by bringing together enormous items in one place! The office you wish to make over, we have the most wonderful, charming coffee tables, comfy sofas for you & many more to choose from. Explore & Enjoy!

New Products and Updated Classics

Excutive Office chair

Explore our range of wooden and ergonomic office chairs providing different degrees of adjustment of arm-rest, back-rest and head-rest.

Workstations Office chair

Sitting is always the means to an end. It’s what you do when you need to launch a new idea, solve a problem, or share a story.

Conference Room Chairs

The place where important discussion are held, need a comfortable seating’s.At Chairs Factory, Conference room chairs to executive boardroom seating, are available with multiple adjustments in order to fit a wide range of people.

Metal & SS Chairs

If you are throwing a party in your courtyard or on the rooftop, will certainly be of much use. The design of these chairs makes them stackable, instantly adding brownie points to their usefulness.

Lounge Seating

Spice up your decor by adding some stylish lounge chairs. From a variety of classy lounge chairs design, choose your desired chair for chic and minimalistic look.

Waiting Area seating

Benches are high capacity seating solutions that have found application in all spheres of human habitation, be it in homes, waiting rooms.

Educational Chairs

Our educational furniture creates spaces that promote student engagement, learning and reflect a school's culture.

High Counter Chairs

Luxury High counter chairs from Chairs Factory choose from our selection of unique High counter chairs to add perfect seating’s for you customers or you!.

Cafetaria & Conference Tables

This multi-use table is a versatile choice for a table that transforms any room in your facility into an inviting meeting space. You're sure to find multiple uses with this table and its unique design.


Sofas are the soul of your living room and the perfect space for family time and conversation with friends. The stunning looks, luxurious comfort, and durability.

Wooden Chairs

Contemporary Furniture reflects designs that are current or a vogue. This stylish wooden chairs is available in various design to suit your office design, go ahead shop the best & finest wooden chairs for your dream office.

Cafeteria Chairs

The beautiful talks & giggling gossips needs a good ambience & our cafeteria chairs & restaurant chair designs are designed for durability and comfort. We have experienced, talented designers working to create unique & modern designs.